Moonlit Consulting

Moonlit Consulting LLC is a small IT consultancy founded by Philip M. White, a software engineer in Cedar Rapids, in 2010 to provide part-time IT support to small-to-medium-size organizations, including educational institutions, in the Cedar Rapids / Iowa City Corridor.

From simple to complex IT needs, Moonlit Consulting can help you.

Our strength is assuring high-availability, reliable, consistent, and productive computing experience for everyone in your organization.

To convince you, we've written some case studies that explain our solutions to business needs we've encountered. Please read them to know what we're about.


You demand nothing less than 100% integrity from a company entrusted with your information systems. We vow to uphold your trust.

We seek a long-term partnership with your organization. Place your IT needs in our able hands.

Why Moonlit Consulting?

The company's name "Moonlit Consulting" originates from moonlighting, meaning to work a secondary job, usually in the evening or during the night. Our employees have full-time work in the IT/software industry, but would like to share their skills and experience with local businesses and individuals on a part-time, primarily non-urgent basis. We offer to completely take over the management and maintenance of your computing infrastructure—without putting a full-time IT staff on your payroll.

How can we offer to maintain your computing infrastructure just part-time? Because we're good at what we do. We know and take advantage of technologies that increase efficiency and reduce the need for active maintenance, such as the stability of Linux, the flexibility of Active Directory, the agility of remote management, and more.

We've taken the time to write up some of our solutions to business problems. We encourage you to read it to see if we're the right fit for your business.

Contact Us

What would you like from your technology? Give Philip, the owner, a call or send an email.
phone:(860) 2-MOON-48

You'll have a response to your email or voicemail within 12 hours.